In a curious episode of parrallelism with kaytay I woke up yesterday with my contacts still in, all my clothes still on, the lights burning brightly and my pockets full of crappy plastic shot glasses. Im not sure what my students must have made of their lead instructor wearing sunglasses in class and eating aspirin like they were m&m's but I was past caring.

It was probably a bad idea, but in this state I finally made my decision about what to do with my career. Actually I kinda made it cumulatively over the past few days, but today I bit the bullet and acted upon it. I sent a mail to OOPL accepting their offer ( for anyone who has been following the dramatic saga of these daylogs, they are the smaller company offering less money but hopefully more interesting work ). I was then a little stumped - I didnt actually have any idea how to go about resigning from Andersen. In the end I sent an email to my partner explaining my decision and asking what to do next.

He wrote back almost immediately saying I have to write a formal letter to the HR department but asking for the opportunity to meet me so that he can 'help me to be sure I am making the right decision'. Translation: Try to convince me to stay. I think this is fair enough, and It would probably be good for me to have a talk with him, So I set it up for the first Monday after I get back to Australia. I doubt that he will get me to reconsider though. Apart from anything else I feel like a change.

Later that night I am seized by a sudden panic attack. What the hell am I doing? What if resigning is nothing but a huge mistake? Am I throwing away my only chance to travel? Will I regret this??? sigh I dont like being responsible for my own life.

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