So my new Business Cards arrived the other day. I was looking forward to it since at my last employer there was a policy against printing Qualifications on business cards and I was finally looking forward to using my letters at last.

When the cards arrive however, my letters are conspicuously absent and it is explained to me that Object Oriented has just recently instituted a policy against qualifications on business cards too. What the fuck is going on?. This policy is following me. No one ever seems to be able to explain the reasoning behind it either. Its like some sort of giant business card conspiracy.

They also came back listing my title as 'Consultant' rather than 'Software Engineer' as I had asked. ( Well actually I asked for 'Computer Geek' but I settled for Software Engineer ). It's true that I consult but then these days people who sell mobile phones in the street are called consultants. sigh.

Im going to stop obsessing about it now because Im starting to sound like Patrick Bateman.