My Day

Woke up at 6:00AM EST. Got ready went to school and had a generally bad day. Lazy Libraians once again were late to school. Couldn't get on E2 for long. In homeroom I did my science homework. In Geometry we had the third test in a row and I didn't remember a thing. Then came Health, forgot to do the stupid Current Event crap and lost 5 points.(New teacher is an asshole.) In science my teacher forgot to mention that there would be three labs due by the end of class, moron. In art I learned how to draw beviled letters. I had to think of a word to draw so i picked STRATEGERY(stra-tee-ger-ree). I then went to spanish and had a class full of my teacher just yelling at the kids who have taken that class for 3 years and still haven't passed because they don't do work. Lunch was small agian. (I have to remember BIG PORTIONS.) In english the teacher decided to have us work in our vocab books. Nobody had their vocab books. In non-western cultures we had to watch the movies we made about enthiocentrism. My movie was embarrasingas hell. Then after school I missed the bus because I had to go get Information for Indoor Track. Got home from school around 5:00PM EST and ate about 4 slices of pizza and went to a LAN party at 7:30PM EST(actually all the comps were already there) and kicked everyones ass. Left LAN party at 10:00PM EST and ate two more slices of pizza when i came home. Watched New York Friars Club Roast of Robert Reiner (really funny). And fell asleep in the basement.