A beautiful, genius food product created by Hunsty. Delicious!

Right. You can get a 10.5 ounce jar of it for around two dollars (I get mine at "Sam's Oriental Store"). It comes in a little glass thing with a red and white label in various languages. I don't know what moved me to try it in the first place, as it looks like a jar of baby poo, but I'm glad I did. It's semi-solid and unexpectedly firm, packed in a dubious, sometimes cloudy liquid, and smells of sharp, salty sesame oil. That's just about what it tastes like, only really, really good.

It's salty and spicy and sesame-y and goes exceedingly well on Club Crackers, and not much else. This is because if you put it on anything else, its taste would completely overpower any other taste of any other food... but no worries! I love it just the way it is.

With a food this good, one could easily take over the world. I wonder why we're not all working in Chinese slave-mines now. Ooh, it's a great hacker food, too!

BEWARE. Some jars of this have a tendency to explode when opened, as they're "Preserved" (a.k.a. "Fermented.") The first time this happened, I completely freaked out - the liquid started bubbling violently, fizzing, running over the sides, and some steam rose from the top of the jar. I cringed, knowing I'd been eating the stuff just days before. But hey, it's worth the risk.


You learn more about Chinese cuisine every day! I love E2. You're like a god to me, Sensei. Agedashi Tofu is my new passion.