There’s something out there on the social scene even worse than the blind date, and I don’t just mean jokes about dates who can’t hear you or who have no sense of taste. I refer to the dreaded non-date.

The worst part of a non-date is that it’s built with stealth technology; you can’t even see it coming, and it seems just like any other date until its too late. Two people go out, have a good time, laugh, smile, and generally enjoy each other’s company. Then, the next day or possibly a few days later, they will talk again. One of them, with the intention of asking for another date which will, hopefully, be equally enjoyable, will say something like the following:

“Y’know, {insert name here}, I had a really good time on our date the other day and I was wondering…”

“(interrupting) Date? What date? That wasn’t a date we went on.”


And then, broken hearted and crushed and confused, this poor person tries to continue the conversation as if this rejection didn’t matter.

At the extreme ranges, this has been known to evolve into the non-relationship. But this is too horrific an experience to discuss even here.