This list is based on my own experience as a clerk in a convenience store. If you follow every advice on this list, you will make the employee's job a lot more easy.

Do not put stuff on the counter, then walk away to get something else (unless you know exactly what you're looking for). If there are other people waiting, the employee won't know if he shall attend to them or wait for you.

Smile and be polite. The employee has to be nice to everyone no matter what, and it's nice to get some smiles in return too. It's not any fun to deal with grumpy people all day, as mood has a tendency to rub off on other people. It takes 10 happy customers to make up for 1 grumpy customer.

Do not complain about how bad the store or the merchandises are. The employee is normally not the person in charge of ordering stuff or making decisions on where to place the merchandises. If you have any complains, tell it to the boss in stead.

Pay with the most exact amount of money. The employees loves small change. If you pay for a $0.5 candy with a $20 bill, he will lose most of his valuable change.

If the store sells magazines, do not read them for 20 minutes just to put them back in the shelf. Feel free to browse them to see if there's any good articles, but if you're interesting in reading the entire magazine, buy it or go to the library.

If you plan on shoplifting, remember you're not stealing from the large store chain, but the manager. Managers usually have to pay for stolen goods themselves.

Remember, clerks can have a bad day too. If they're not too polite or smiling all the time, try to cheer them up instead of making them even more sad.