My thoughts today linger on cell phones they are in my top 10 pet peeves in life.

My telephone controlled my life in my 20's. Phone would ring 20 or 30 times a day and for some reason I thought I had to answer it? I have since learned that it's a tool for my convience and not something that can or should control my life.

At the current time I don't even OWN a telephone, that's how little they now control MY life.

This rant is not to diss cell phone users, trust me on that. Had it not been for a life altering experiences years ago, today I most likely would put all cell phone users to shame - talking on one in each ear AT the same time and a 3rd for 'emegency calls'.

But now I have NO phone, by choice and yet telephones have begun to effect my life everywhere I go. People everywhere on cell phones. I'm living in an Alfred Hitchcock movie "the phones". We all lived just fine 20 years ago without the need to take a phone with us to the bathroom, to the movies, to the park. I doubt I'd be hard pressed to find someone who's taken their cell phone on their honeymoon!

I see so many parents in the car talking on cell phones. Since most parents now have so little time with their kids, IF they can talk/think and drive at the same time, this would be a good time to teach your kids something, to talk to them about the things you see while driving. To talk to them about the future and anything you might enjoy discussing with them. About places you've been and things you wish your momma would have told you.

I work part-time (for exercise) at a fast food resturant - can't tell you HOW many times a day someone pulls up to the order window and continues to chat on the phone. They are chatting about the fact that they have to let them go, because they are in the drive-thru. They then go on to discuss when they will call back and so on. There are 6 or 8 cars behind them in line waiting and ready to order, what makes them think they have the right to hold all these other people up? Don't they get irritated when someone holds them up?

Walking down the street, everywhere you turn there are people on cell phones. In the store, on the bus. You just can't escape it. It bothers me personally not only because of the times it inconviences me and others, but because I care about people. And I really am concerned about this turn of events in society. I worry about the price our society will pay for this new gadget.

The last few times I went to visit a friend, they were on the cell phone when I got there... on the cell phone several times during our visit... and grabbing their cell phone when I left.

I'm not anti-technology - I have four computers in my room as I type this. I just hate to even imagine the amount of wasted hours in a day we as a society now spend on the cell phone. Hours that could be better spent in so many other ways.

Banging head on keyboard, why, why, why, ouch, ouch, ouch!! Ok I'm done!