Where I went to school, the Red Star was much more than just a newspaper. For all males, it was a life-saver.

When freshmen are welcomed into the SAS community, they are all handed the student handbook. The corridor sits around in a faculty member's apartment, and go through the rules and regulations together. One section of the handbook is as follows:
"When students are in need of total privacy while studying or resting during a sick day, they may place a white sheet of paper on their door, to alert other students to not disturb them during this time of need...known as a 'White Flag'"
Needless to say, this was vehemently ignored. Most White Flags were written on, torn down, and barged in on.

And then came Ian.

Ian was a senior on my sophomore corridor. Like most teenage males in boarding schools, he was...well, sexually repressed. Like many of us, he enjoyed masturbation (let's be honest, who doesn't). However, he was tired of people barging in on him while going at it. Ian alerted the enitre corridor that, when they see a 'White Flag' with a big Red Star on it, it meant he was masturbating, and that anyone intruding would be in for a surprise.

For the first few times, nobody payed any respect to the Red Star. However, when an innocent troublemaker sophomore opened the Red Star marked door to Ian's room, he was shocked to find him pants-down, lying on his bed, violently jacking off. And this little sophomore cried and ran away, alerting his friends that, yes, the Red Star really did mean the resident of the room was taking the self-serve route.

SO, from then on, the Red Star was respected to mean that the owner was going about their naughty business, and was far more respected than the original 'White Flag'. Rumor has it that a few females adopted the Red Star as well, but that was only left up to the imaginations of we sophomore boys.