I'm half korean, never been to korea, never seen relatives on my mother's side of the family... Until Now!

Took Korean Air to Inch'on, and the first thing I see off the airplane is a HDTV with a StarCraft match being televised. Computer Games being televised? I'm in heaven already! And people were watching too. Hell, I saw adult females watching StarCraft on HDTV! And there were announcers too, a male and a female. I figured the male was there because males play StarCraft, and the female was there to attrack all the males who play StarCraft into watching the match. But then I saw some of the players were female. Females who are good enough playing computer games that they get televised? Amazing!

With this discovery, and many many others in the week that followed, I discovered that Korea = heaven

(Note, for those not in the know, 7-11 != heaven).

(Note 2, I know I seem culturally simple-minded. The truth is, I am. I know absolutely not much about Korea. That's the whole reason I took the trip, see?)