An Australian musician known for his hypnotic vocals and interesting lyrics.

Raised in Sydney, he started performing in his early teens: at parties, pubs or busking.
Alex fronted for the band Mother Hubbard, an Australian Black Crowes before embarking on his solo career.
His debut album, Black the Sun, was released in 1999 after two years work and topped the Triple J Listeners Albums list for that year. The first single from that album came in at #21 on the Triple J Hottest 100 list.
Music critics have written many accolades for his first album: Q Magazine (UK) called it "a dud-free, 13-track gem which marries Lloyd's mellifluous Beatles-style melodies with Beck's skewed sonics and Radiohead's operatic angst."

His music is influenced by several contemporary bands such as Beck, Crowded House and Powderfinger.
Bernard Fanning of Powderfinger described Alex in a Rolling Stone interview as 'Australia's best male vocalist."


  • Black the Sun: 1999.
  • Something Special (Single): 1999
  • My Way Home (Single): 2000
  • Downtown (Single): 2001
  • Watching Angels Mend: 2001