Old gameshow that used to air on CHCH, in Ontario. Three Contestants answer trivia dealing mainly with food or other grocery items. The set was a supermarket. I'm not sure if it was an actual grocery store, or just made to look like one.

The final challenge of the show was for the contestants to go on a supermarket sweep, in which they are given a dollar value and a time limit, and they have to sprint around the store with their carts and collect groceries which will add up to the appropriate amount. This is much fun to watch, as they madly throw massive amounts of meat and detergent into their carts, knocking everything off the shelves in the process.

The carts are sent through the checkout when the time limit is up, and whoever is closest to the given dollar amount, wins! How exciting!

Supermarket Sweep is no longer on the air. Don't look so shocked.