The misconduct of persons who refute the authority of those wielding positions of greater control in the street gangs consisting of the world's nations' politicians. The act of disrupting the quiet subduction of brainwashed billions wearing culturally focused horse blinders as a fashion statement.

Of course this is not always the case... there are those practioners of public mischief who direct misguided attempts at troublemaking for the sole purpose of destruction. This is the feeble minded humans attempt to fight the indominatable forces of governmemtal social controls. (this does not include the masters of graffiti who build enormous visual artifacts to create communcation between the location and the viewer. More intelligent people find subtle ways to shock or cause active thought processes beyond those selling products we do not need.

Those people may be billboard liberationists, adbusters contributors, hardcore sex in highly semi-visible public spaces, and even people like you or me who are not afriad to dress and have our hair how we want it to look.. how it feels best to us (this is public mischief to those who see this as an affront to their ideas of a 'perfect' universe).