I was on a car journey somewhere, i got ill and had to stop at some confectionary drug store in the country.. i bought some kind of powdered soup from a middle-aged woman. Wipe to getting home to my apartment building, this is the mainly interesting part that i remember.. i step into the elevator and press 1 ( i seem to always have elevators as a recurring theme in my dreams, especially ones that move sideways).. the doors close and the box room of the elevator starts swinging sideways for a good minute. It stops and i am on the other side of the round cone like futuristic apartment building. I look at my keys and the room one says #1 i look out into the lbrary and room #1 is the manager/superintendants office. I am not the superintendant.. my mail key however has #699 inscribed on it. There is a much deeper story going on here.. but its all hazy.. there are 3 other people with me and the superintendant.. we walk to a part of the hallway and press a button. Walls come up cutting off either side and then the whole floor moves up very fast.

I assume once it reaches a mail level i alone am elevated, with a flashlight from one of the other people.. i open my mail box and there are 2 packages of dried soup from the place in the country i did not order or ask for. I need the flashlight to see into the end of the metal cage like wall of a million mailboxes that curve along the outside of the building. thats it..