Since the beginning of his musical activity Maurizio Dami has been deeply interested and actively involved in ambient music. For several years he collaborated with “G.M.M.”, a group working on multi-media technology, and for them he produced music for theatre, videos, video-installations and records.

Under the pseudonym of "Alexander Robotnik" he composed and performed a successful dance track - “Problèmes d’amour” published first by Italian MASO and then by SIRE-WEA. He has a long and appreciated experience in the production of “ambient soundtracks” for fashion exhibitions and events such as Pitti Immagine, Prato Expo, Capucci and Missoni exhibitions.

He composed the soundtracks of films and theatre plays directed by Italian directors such as Alessandro Benvenuti, Antonio Climati, Marco Mattolini, Marco Risi. Since 1994 he has produced music for CD-ROMs. He is deeply interested in World Music and currently plays with African, Kurdish and Indian musicians living in Italy.

In the Summertime of 1995 he organized and directed the Florence Ambient Music Festival at the Anfiteatro delle Cascine. He composed some tracks for the Italian-Indian band “Govinda” including “Devotion”.

He has recorded three CDs with Indian flute-player Boliwar Miranda. He is currently working on the following projects:

  • The Third Planet
  • Alkemya
  • Masala
  • Alexander Robotnik