There's more to life than this...

So, maybe I'm not cured.

It happened again, even though I'm trying to distance myself from it at least a little bit.

It's funny too, things seemed to be going so well about 3 weeks ago. What destabalized things? What got me thinking that she was trying to push me away? I might not ever know, because it's too late to contemplate that... Things changed so quickly.

Now . . . I'm getting closer and clsoer to being with another person. It's tough for me to feel, let alone know how I feel about that person. I know how I feel about her, but . . the other I'm not sure about. And I *need* to make a choice. All I know is what I don't want.

Bjork kicks ass. Great to listen too after a week-long nin kick... BTW, bj0rk 0wnz j00

So my life's not falling apart. Yet. Work's going ok, life in general isn't going that bad... I need sleep. I gotta pee. And my contacts are so dry I can barely blink... Later e2.