Ogre's project with Martin Atkins of Invisible Records and Pigface fame, originally called Ritalin, was renamed Rx. Rx has thus far released one album, Bedside Toxicology, which has at least one amazingly good song on it, K-Y Re:amin.

Ogre's current project is called OhGr; originally a collaboration with Mark Walk of Ruby, it's more upbeat than Skinny Puppy, with definite 80's synth-pop influences.

cEvin Key is a busy man. Besides releasing material under his own name, he collaborates with members of Legendary Pink Dots as The Tear Garden, and with Phil Western as Download and Plateau.

Skinny Puppy may yet be reborn. Ogre and Key have buried some of their past differences to the point where they can work together again. They did a Skinny Puppy show at Doomsday, a German goth/industrial music festival, in summer of 2000, and Key is touring with OhGr in May/June 2001.

Yep! The new Skinny Puppy album, The Greater Wrong of the Right, with Mark Walk now a member of the band, was released at the end of May, 2004, and the band has embarked on a US tour.