Often in badly feigned casual brushes. the fingertip rub whenever passing something between hands The there not enough room on the couch so I HAVE to sit here glued to your side allowing for all kinds of miscellaneous gropes for as long as I can get away with sitting this close type encounters. Then there's the it's still crowded in here that I have to walk straight into you while I'm talking with my hands, excuse (another variation - wasn't looking...). This type of touch generally causes an awkward moment where the man acts genuinely surprised, for a moment at least till the eyes make contact. This is where most men will break the part by a smiling. That glint in the eye that says "Yeah you caught me, that was no accident." Then they generally go on about what ever it was they were pretending to be so involved in the first place, as if nothing had happened.

Then there's the deliberate approaches. The brave souls that will suddenly grasp the hand, for a quick squeeze, maybe rub both hands over it, occasionally a kiss has been offered. Some like the sudden hug, or one handed rub on the back or squeeze around the waist. A perfect example for this type of touch happened on the first day at a new job from the guy that just hired me. We are in the back room and he's showing me around the place. He walks up behind me, reaching one arm up and around me to get something off the shelf as his other hand was firmly placed on my side. At this point he says, "It's alright I'm not molesting you, I touch everyone like this." I suppose I could have been offended and probably caused him a lot of grief because of his bold advances. I was a little annoyed that he assumed that I wouldn't, but I also was impressed that he was so self confident. So I just smiled at him, cleared my throat, and not so discreetly moved back a pace or two from him. He smiled back, catching the clue and left me alone after that. These guys are usually testing the water and are not afraid to let you know that's exactly what their up to.

Then there's the strictly business types, doctors, salesmen, policemen, etc. Most often these are just as they should be, strictly business. These guys are usually professional in their touch. Not always but usually. There have been a few scarey, victimizing type touches. Angry, desperate and occasionally traumatize man handling. These guys are wanting control, their strictly looking for their own self satisfaction, and like the added bonus of how it bothers their prey.

As to the rest of the ways men touch me, we don't know each other well enough for those kinds of details. =D