Right. Today is when I get my GCSE certificate. And I am fucking terrified.

Terrified of what, you ask? It's just a peice of paper right? it's not like it's gonna eat you like the minsicule piece in the machine of education like you are. And your right. But that isn't what I'm afraid of.

It's the fact that I have to go on to the stage, in front of virtually everyone in the year (around 150 students), pick up this certificate from the news reporter dude (his name slips my mind), shake his hand, possibly answer questions from him, then walk back down to my seat. If you have ever been in this situation, you know what I'm on about.

What if I trip and land on my face? Or the flowers? Or the news reporter dude and ruining his (I guess) rather expensive suit? Laughing stock of all time, that's what will happen. I'm glad that speeches aren't neccessary, but I'm still pretty scared.

And what if the guy asks me questions? What the hell am I supposed to say? Will I freeze there and then? Do I make an attempt at a joke? What the hell?! I REALLY hope he doesn't ask me one. I am told they will be along the lines of "what do you want to do when you grow up?" or something like that. A lot of my freinds have been joking about this, planning to say "I wanna be just wike wu when i gwow up, Mr News Wepoter man!" Although, for all I know, he could ask me on my opinion on the current Diana's butler trial or something.

But when that's over, I have to sit in my seat for another hour or something. Godammit. Your not allowed to talk, which is fair enough considering it would be rude, but what do they expect us to do for that amount of time? Read our certificate over and over?

They expect us to stay for "refreshments" in the cafteria. I'll more likely be jolting down the road at a couple of hundred an hour hoping to get home.

Wish me luck.