"Since many people here don't believe me, I don't think I should have created and account here in the first place. It was nice knowing some of you. Bye."

A quote from Musician's homenode, a good friend of The Necromancer, who died in October this year. Musician has done something that some people just can't do, and that is coping with the loss of a loved one. And the fact that some people didn't beleive him, which caused him to just plain LEAVE everything2 completely, is apaulling. What happened to Everything is a community? What happened to supporting each other in times of need?

I realise that this isn't the first time a fellow noder has died, but godammit, why do we have to do these things? I have found everything2 to be a great place, full of people that share the same ideals as me, as well as a creative cauldron of ideas from which I may be enlightened. I wish I could say that Musician feels the same, I really do. But people who don't offer support to people in times of need are just selfish.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but that's what I was on October 16, 2002. I still feel the same way, even if he was, more or less, a complete stranger. I was hoping Musician would be happy here, and judging from those who gave their condolences, I thought I could back that statement up. But I'm sad to say that isn't true.

Minus one to the e2 ranks. /me misses The Necromancer.