That Darn Punk seems to mirror its hapless narrator in that it goes nowhere fast. It's very easy to get into for the first 20-30 minutes or so. Then, however, all hell breaks loose.

To say that you are sacrificing "Hollywood-style acting" is the understatement of the century. Lines are delivered with the timing and coldness of a granite slab. If it wasn't for the occasional gems ("I'm so glad I'm punk now!" - "Yeah, I'm punk!", billy outside, and, of course, an appearance by Josh Freese) it would be almost unwatchable.

T.D.P. features Joe Escalante as Dirk Castigo, a bassist for the up-and-coming punk band "The Big Tippers" that sound amazingly like The Vandals. Dirk is led into the desert sans-clothing (except some boxer shorts). Once there, he must escape gun-toters, crazy high-school acquaintences, desperate women, unstable women, and UFOs. All this leads to a not-so-surprising surprise ending.

The movie does have, however, a great soundtrack including the likes of Nerf Herder, Assorted Jellybeans, Lagwagon, AFI, Rancid, and, of course, The Vandals. There's even a short clip of Sloppy Seconds' "Queen from Outer Space" that was quite pleasing.

Also starring: Katalina, Mia Crowe, Kandis Scalise, Lisa Hannan, Zander Schloss, Warren Fitzgerald (Billy!!), Scott Aukerman, and Kyle Gass (KG of Tenacious D).
Cool facts: Recorded on 16mm film on a $21,000 budget.
Other info: Written/Directed/Produced by Jeff Richardson for Kung Fu Films.