In the Babylon 5 the Vorlons are one of two enigmatic secretive elder races, who remained behind to 'guide' the lesser races. They chose to be somewhat visible, and let their influence be known, even if by names of gods, and deities. They were the shepherds, emphasizing order, following the structure of the system.

Their true form, hidden beneath suits, and illusions, was like two conjoined squid, glowing with light, and composed mostly of energy, but with likely some organic roots remaining. They programmed each race they touched however to see them as an angel, a being of light bearing both similarity and difference from them self. Slowly they were revealed to have manipulated the very genetics of the child races they were to guide, even creating telepaths as a weapon against their sister race known only as the Shadows.

They were however in the end no better than their counterpart, just as self assuming, arrogant, domineering, thinking they knew what was best. By some arguments they were better, aiming for peace, and harmony, but when push came to shove they were willing to sacrifice billions of relative innocents to stamp out the opposing point of view.

A Vorlon will ask you, "Who are you?", but never ask a Vorlon, "What do you want?" Yes...the ultimate GTKY node war...see...told you they were both the bad guys. XD