Let's face it, the Bible, in whatever language from the torturously arcane - Ancient Greek or Hebrew for example - to the lyrically beautiful - Italian is a good example - is full of all kind of things.

Pretty much anyone can read into it pretty much anything. If you go looking for atrocities, you'll find them. If you go looking for genocide, pederasty, wife beating, thievery and human sacrifice, you'll find them.

The Bible - OT and NT - is a bit of a mirror. Seek and ye shall find sayeth the Lord, after all.

Anyone prepared to spend time studying a mirror is obviously just feeding their own vanity anyway. Stuff the Bible, it's a bunch of old made up myths and lies to fool the gullible, same as every so-called Holy book. If you want to believe in anything, start looking at the world around you instead of trying to learn from ancient liars in a different world.