As my boyfriend walked me to my car we heard a heart-wrenching meow coming from the end of the driveway. It was the same meow that had echoed across the neighborhood for the past week, but this time, the kitten was only a few feet away. I slipped off my shoes and approached quietly, expecting her to bolt. Instead, this little grey and white ball plopped down on the ground and began to purr. I was in love.

She was so skinny, with matted fur and mud-caked feet. My boyfriend brought out a dish of cat food, which she ignored. She was so busy rolling on the ground, rubbing my legs, and just enjoying herself- I don’t know if she even quite knew what "cat food" was. As cars drove by, she became more agitated and began to wander away. I scooped her up and brought her back to the driveway for more petting.

Time passed quickly, and I didn’t know what to do. I can’t have pets in my building and this little kitty would eat my boyfriend’s cat (this kitten has all of her claws, while my boyfriend’s cat has none). All I really knew was that I couldn’t leave it outside. With the amount of traffic in the area and the fact that this little one was curious, the chances of her surviving were slim. Neighbors had already activated the calling tree, and nobody had claimed this beautiful kitten.

We decided to take her to the police department (all of the shelters close early, leaving the police to take the animals to the animal hospital in the morning). My boyfriend brought out the kitty carrier, and I nudged her inside. During the drive over, she was frantic, clawing at anything she could reach (including my hand when I tried to comfort her). I began to devise ways that I could keep her. If she’s really quiet, doesn’t ruin the carpet, and never gets out the door, I won’t be evicted. If she stays in my room all day, it could work. If I put a kitty litter in the laundry room… I knew they were unrealistic plans, but I felt awful about leaving her with the police.

Arriving at the police station, my boyfriend held the carrier while I approached a policeman. It was not a fun moment, walking up to a squad car with my hand wrapped in a bloody McDonald’s napkin. He probably thought I was insane, but once I stammered out my request somewhat coherently, he told me where to go.

My boyfriend and I were buzzed into the department and waited until an officer came to speak with us. The officer that walked out to greet us looked very young, and I was skeptical about leaving the little angel with him. Thankfully, he took one look at my boyfriend and said, "Nice to see you again." They had been friends back in junior high. I was reassured. Introductions followed, and I made sure that the kitten would be well taken care of during her stay. We warned the officer about the fact that this little kitty did not like the cage and would probably try to scratch anyone attempting to calm her through the bars (I proffered my hand as evidence). He thanked us for the advice and we said our good-byes.

The drive home was tough for me. Although I had only known this kitten for a short while, it was difficult to give her to the police. I plan to call the animal hospital first thing Monday morning to see how she is doing and if anyone has called about her. If not, my boyfriend and I will place an ad in the newspaper. It is my hope that her owners will come to claim her. If it had been my kitten roaming around crying, I would hope that someone would have brought her somewhere safe.

I’m going to miss that grey and white kitten with the orange eyes.

Update That sweet little kitten was adopted three days after we took her to the police station. She is now enjoying the holidays safe and sound with a new family.