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I'm Joe Totleben, known around here as JoeTo (I always pronounce it as JOH-TEE-OH).

One of my favorite ways to spend my time is music. Almost any type of music will do, (especially Classical Music and Jazz), so long as it does n.ot resemble rap or country music. In fact I play piano and saxophone, as well as a little organ. At times I have also been known to sing. I have done band since 4th grade.

When I'm not playing music, I also use computer.s. I am an amateur programmer and love cool toys such as Linux and all aspects of its culture.

Aside from music and computers, I love to read. TV and movies are okay, but for anyone who has anything resembling an imagination,. the book is always better.

Another oddity about me is that I am a practicing Catholic. I especially like what the Church has to say about Social Justice.