The lab is so nice and cool compared to the surprizingly oppressive Massachusetts heat.My users are few and mutual ignoring is working quite well today. I've recently begun to wonder the possibilities of having EverQuest on the consultants pc for my annoying 12 hour stretches of lab time that I somehow have to work tomorrow.

Kim1 has Imed me with interesting news, she's poking around Everything2 and wrote something. A medium chill works its way up my spine and become a sense of intense worry. What does she mean that she posted something ? Seeing how Kim is staying on my floor and I have my much loved computer set for remember me , its a very reasonable fear. I quickly assure that Kim isn't actually using my account /me exhales with great and deserved relief and ask her what her username is. She has a problem with formatting and doesn't know the proper html tags and after a few false starts get her first post all fixed up. I'm not a html goddess by any means and explaining it by AIM is itsn't that great either.

I'm feeling somewhat chipper for the most of the part. I'm not too keen on where she decided to post considering that in the same node are two marked for destruction write ups of three writeups before she added to it and perhaps her node would do better somewhere else. However, that didn't bother me too much and I asked if she had visited Everything University so she could learn about where she is standing knee deep in. She doesn't do directions which confuses me because before you dive in anything head first, shoudn't you read your directions? I insist that she just read what the E2 culture is like at least, I imagine by now I'm pleading/whining at her. Its a horrible trait of mine and I must sound zealous at the least. What she said next mad me somewhat angry and now I wonder at it.

"I'm not staying, its just my morning entertainment."

I wonder now if for my surprise and anger, whether any of it was warranted. I felt like she genuinely wasted my time and Everything's space and even the person who voted her down. I tried explaining to her that she could have just read if she wanted to do something on E2. I had hundreds of good reasons that she didn't need to share her ideas if it was just her having fun for the day. The more I look at the reasons, the more shoddy they look and ridiculous I feel. Her writeup wasn't horrible for a first writeup. I could only imagine that I was upset that she decided to play drifter in my online community.

12:37 EST

1. The name was changed to protect the privacy of "Kim".