So, here I am, walking out of school into the parking lot, when I realized that something was wrong. I have no idea what, but I see lots of kids walking out of the school, and they all look flabbergasted. Anyway, I see this one girl I know, who helps me break into a teacher's car, and then hotwire it. I jump inside the shotgun seat, and I start looking for my girlfriend. I figure we have 5 seats available, so I invite this one bodyboarding kid in, and his friend, plus this other kid. Also, I invite in this kid who is on my bus, plus one of his friends. Then, I realized that my girlfriend doesn't go to my school. Doh!

We pull out, and go towards the exit of the school, onto the highway. There is a police blockade there however, with one cop with a sign that says "Present your School I.D.". I look over, and the bodyboarding kid is there, driving with an orange painter's cap on. I tell him to floor it, hoping to avoid the police and get the hell out of there. We zoom past, And I hear the policeman say "two-twenty-eight out of Shore Regional High School".

We get past them, and by that time the highway has now turned into a one lane narrow road, surrounded by fields of wheat on either side. A cop car, flashing it's lights, appears behind us. The kid next to me freaks out, and I guide the steering wheel over to the passenger side, and tell him to work the pedals. The view of the car shifts to a action movie type chase camera, as I swerve off the road, into the wheat, and back on again. We go up a hill, and make a sharp right into someone's yard, which, IIRC is actually a ballet school near my high school.

The cops keep going straight and we all breathe a sigh of relief. However, as I attempt to turn us back onto the road, the car flips and explodes. part of the car goes flying, as the other part just slides sideways along the ground. I climb out of the wreckage unharmed, as does everyone else except the guy in the driver's seat, whom I see crawl out of some weeds. We see some Amish guy come out of the house decked in all the normal amish attire, who surveys the situation and quickly goes back inside.

We follow him in, and then meet his daughters, who are all fairly nice looking, but some of them are too young for me. There are about 5 of them, dressed in non-Amish attire, ranging in ages from 13-18. They tell us they think he went upstairs. We ask them if they think he will call the cops, but they aren't sure. We run upstairs with them to stop him if that was his intention.

As we ascend the stairs, we see the walls covered in green and purple halloween paintings, while the steps have little ghosts all over them. We go into the Amish guys room, and the bodyboarding kid starts hitting on the 13-year-old girl. I say to him "Dude, her dad is up here!" and he promptly stops.

We see her dad come into view, but its not an Amish guy anymore. In fact, it is my friend's stepdad, who is a heavy metal guitarist. We ask him if he is going to call the cops and he says no, then takes out his guitar and does a wicked guitar solo, with lots of distortion. I ask him how he got those effects and he said he used a BOSS bass distortion pedal. Then I woke up. Pretty freaky, huh?

This dream took place in about an hour, from 9:30 AM EST, to 10:30 AM EST.