Eight legged arachnid. Fond of eating pesky insects like mosquitoes and houseflies. Small ones can be cute. Big ones tend to crawl up to you when you least expect it, causing you to leap into the air, shriek hilariously, and whack them with whatever blunt object is nearby. All spiders use venom to subdue and kill their prey, but some spiders, like the brown recluse (or fiddleback), the black widow (or damn scary-looking big-butt spider), and the funnel-web (or Australian super-deadly spider from Hell) can be lethally venomous to humans.

It's also that weird short song by They Might Be Giants, featuring such dandy lyrics as "He is our hero", "Must...stop...", "Step on Spider!", "We love you, Spider!", "I promise not to kill you", and "Oohhhh!", usually all in the same verse. It's fun to perform these lyrics in public, as long as you're drunk, with friends, and not worried about being invited back.