American actor (1907-1994). The grandson of Jose Martí, the liberator of Cuba, he was born in New York City. He started his career in show business as a dancer and eventually moved up to acting.

Romero always felt that his career was limited because he was typecast as a Latin lover, but he appeared in a variety of different movies--he was in "The Devil Is a Woman" with Marlene Dietrich and "The Thin Man"; he played an Afghan leader opposite Shirley Temple in "Wee Willie Winkie"; he was an ambitious French bureaucrat in the John Ford comedy "Donovan's Reef"; he played Cortés in "Captain From Castile"; and he was the Cisco Kid in a string of B movies from 1940-41.

Of course, you know him because of one TV show: the campy "Batman" series from the 1960s, where Romero played the Joker. This show probably erased the "Latin lover" label he felt he'd been tarred with, but fairly permanently linked him with bad comics and bad TV. Too bad. Romero did one of the better acting jobs of all the characters on "Batman", but he was much more enjoyable in the few movies of his that I've seen.

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