An undead monster in NetHack. Level 6, Armor Class 4, 15% magic resistance. Always a joy to have around, because devouring a wraith's corpse will gain you an experience level.

Of course, with such great benefits available to epicurean hacks, wraiths don't always leave corpses. The chances are better if something else kills the wraith (such as a trap or a pet) and there is no graveyard on the level:

  • Not killed by you, no graveyard: 66%
  • Killed by you, no graveyard: 50%
  • Not killed by you, graveyard present: 22%
  • Killed by you, graveyard present: 8%
Obviously, it is better to try to get something else to kill a wraith, and it is worthwhile to get them to follow you up or down to another level if there is a graveyard on yours.

I have no idea why the Dev Team decided that eating a wraith corpse should raise your level -- I suppose it comes from the fact that wraiths can drain levels in AD&D. But it's still a stretch for something as insubstantial as a wraith to leave any corpse at all, and you have to wonder if it would actually be edible (it has, after all, been dead for months, years, centuries, who knows?)

Furthermore, I couldn't help noticing that there is an E2 user named Wraith. So, if the Dev Team is making any sense here, I should be able to track him down, kill him, eat his corpse, and then I'll become level 4. Actually, since there's only one of him, I'd probably better wait till I'm level 9 or something so I can be Real Cool.