Do you ever see something beautiful-- like today, it was the yellow aspens silhouetted against the gray sky above the purple mountains, which I saw while chugging a Frappuccino during a "bathroom break" in fifth period-- and it starts to writhe into words in your head, and then it combines with something else-- like standing in a corner reading Percy Bysshe Shelley's "Ode to the West Wind" while everyone around you is doing something important-- and the words congeal into something revealing and almost aesthetically pleasing? I thought of this...


She carries a silver carpetbag
As she wanders through the streets
Unobtrusively forgotten, lost amidst the heat
Life walks about her as she stands
In a corner reading forgotten poetry

At night she dreams about a place where
The sky is every shade of ebony
And the flag has wires to hold it upright
At daylight she dreams about a place where
The sunset cannot come too soon

Her footprints won't stay indelibly upon
The barren gray ground
But she carries a silver carpetbag
Through the stars every morning leaving
Behind invisible faerie dust wherever she goes