This will be brief, because I am sitting in DIA waiting for my airplane to leave, trying out the really cool free Internet access. They've got these pagodas in the concourse with four computers arranged about in a design created to minimize privacy (no doubt they used The Calculus to derive this setting) but I'm happy.

I'm flying to New York to be interviewed for entrance into Oxford University. This is my biggest, bestest dream right now, and I'm unbelievably excited. I think I can handle the interview well-- I'm a charismatic person-- and I'm not worried about the flight. The airport is a ghost, half empty. One man I talked to said he was going to start flying again-- but he "sure as hell took out an insurance policy before he bought a ticket." This paranoia is crazy. I understand that people are scared, but they can't be paralyzed with fear forever. This too shall pass.