Well, here I am.

I arrived in London on the 26th, but this is the first time that I've been able to just sit down and breathe and think enough to type out the things running around my head.

Also, I'm not ridiculously jet-lagged anymore.

A very very good thing.

First off: London is amazing. So amazing that if George Bush wins this election I'm asking for asylum and spending the rest of my life here. I'll miss Colorado terribly, but I'll be all right. I rode to my internship interview on the tube this morning and every single person was occupied with reading something-- newspaper or book or magazine. This is my kind of country just for that.

Continuing my love affair with all things public transportation, the tube and the bus system are incredible here, if really expensive. In fact, that's my only problem right now: the exchange rate is KILLING ME.

Suggestions of cool places to go are very welcome! Especially if they are cheap! Also, cheap ways to get to places like Oxford and Wales for a few days! Thanks!