I really don't think that anyone cares who gets the Presidency (of the USA) anymore. It seems like we're going to too much trouble to decide whether it's going to be an imbecilic moron or a sleazy liar. Neither of these traits are really desirable of a major world leader.

Now in Florida they’ve decided to resort to counting the votes by hand. Excuse me, but what the hell is this all about?! I could’ve sworn I heard Bill Daley (Gore’s campaign chairman) say “We all want this to be over with as soon as possible”. I do believe that demanding hand counts goes against what they’ve been saying all along. How many times does Bush have to win before they admit that he won?

I have a feeling that the whole purpose of this Gore Campaign is to dupe the people into making him President. He doesn’t want to win fairly; he just wants to win. Now, in a final attempt to gain the upper hand, he is trying to increase the margin of error by trusting exhausted human beings to count the ballots by hand.

I see two problems with this hand counting method. First, it increases the margin of error, as I said before. Believe it or not, computers are much more accurate than humans when it comes to doing monotonous tasks such as counting things. Not to mention people are biased. People are not only biased, but they grow tired of monotonous labor. Sooner or later, these counters are going to just give in to Al’s scheme and start counting the votes in his favor. They’ll become so strung out on counting ballot after ballot that they will simply start adding more and more votes to the Gore pile just to get this crap over with.

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