Public information campaign to enfrancise the disaffected. --By loudly demanding someone worth voting for.

Idea is that a vote for none of the above is much more communicative than voting randomly or not voting.

Less susceptible to Balkanization than a write-in campaign. Also more amenable to a national roll-out, since the propaganda is generic.

May generate a deeper exception than a write-in.

update: I now think instant runoff is the way to go.

Balkanization is kind of the point.
Right now you either vote for one of the major 2-4 candidates. If you vote for somebody who obviously won't get elected then you feel your vote was wasted so you just vote for the lesser of two evils. You're voting against a candidate you don't like rather then for one you do.
If we split the major parties by writing in for people we actually want to be elected then our votes start to count.
When you give a blank ballot people see you don't like the choices. When you give a write-in they see that you don't like the choices and they see what you would like.

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