Mastery of the Sphere of Mind is mastery of oneself- at least, that's the way it is in Mage the Ascension. Because this Sphere exists purely on an intellectual level, it is not the more efficient way to attack someone (that dubious honor goes to the Sphere of Forces), but it is almost always coincidental in nature. Mind does not work through biological methods as Life would, nor does it push and pull at the soul as Spirit would- it acts upon the psyche, and pushes things in the way that the mage desires.

Beginning levels of Mind entail the ability to sense thoughts and emotions and strengthen one against mental attacks; advanced skill grants the capacity to force their will upon another, to walk among the astral reaches, and to untether their psyche from their body and fly in the reaches of dreams.

The Akashic Brotherhood, with their understanding that to know oneself is to know the All, are the chief practitioners of the Sphere of Mind.