A rubber duck, is truly the most magnificent thing in the bathing universe. Next to luke warm water, and some soap of course, and maybe a bathtub, but anyway, I digress.

The rubber duck was first created as a childrens toy back in the mid 50's I think, and became an instant hit with parents as a pacifier for troublesome children at bath time. They are fascinating to young children because they look and feel totaly solid, yet when you drop them on water, they float just like a real duck, and they also quack when you squeeze them, also like a real duck.

They are often coloured yellow, which is known to be one the two most visually stimulating colours along with red, and the shininess, smooth texture, and warm pleasant atmosphere of the bath often lead to the rubber duck being accepted deep into the psyche. I used to dream about them all the time, and I believe that a lot of adults will keep one for their bath, but never admit it, for the simple reason that it is innocent and fun and most of all childish.