So I woke up today at 5am after a night of moderate torture with some sort of creeping flu like illness. It all started a week ago when I got up bright and early at 8 and went to make breakfast, halfway through the pouring of milk into my cornflakes all the energy just drained from me, and I put the bottle down with some effort. I then went straight back to bed, my head asleep before I even hit the pillow. Waking up a few hours later I still felt exhausted, and it's been that way ever since.

I've slowly developed the flu, and fever like symptoms but I haven't been able to take the day off since then because of Orasi, and also because of my half-year university report that was due in today.

What fun *that* was.

Worked on it all last week, submitted it to my supervisor on Friday, waiting for amendments all this week, nervous and stressed, until this morning. Getting them done barely in time. And now I'm here, in university, waiting for the clock to go around so that my mother can come and collect me and take me home.

I would drive, except that a couple of days ago my BMW broke down, and its in the mechanic's being repaired. 48hrs and gosh how I MISS that car. Walking isn't half so much fun when it's enforced, folks.

Its been a hard week, quite long in some ways, and I am looking forward to going home and sleeping. This thing within me, virus, or whatever, needs my body's complete, vengeful attention, and so I'm going to turn my consciousness off and stop distracting it. Then perhaps when I wake up tomorrow, I'll feel better instead of worse. Here's hoping.