So, I'm in Ohio.

I don't like Ohio - last time I was here I was eighteen and on a college audition. Got the worst case of food poisoning in my life; haven't looked at a chicken tender the same way since.

This time, I'm surrounded by awesome people, awesome food, sunshine, sunburn, sun stroke and who knows what else. It's infinitely better this time through.

I arrived with the NYNVB late friday night after spending nine hours squeezed in a van with tons of people who, oddly, didn't come from New York at all - one from Spain, one from England, one from Canada and three from Jersey. It was like the UN on wheels and the duelling accents managed to kill a few possibly diabolically boring hours.

Upon arriving, I drank some. In the morning, I drank some more and now, on Sunday and after a huuuuuuge breakfast in a restaurant we totally owned for a few hours of utter Cuban bliss, I intend to drink some more.

Holy hell, I needed a vacation.

And can I just say, Ohio or no...I really, truly love you guys, 'specially the ones who couldn't make it - we're talking about you. All of you. You know who you are, so stop slouching and spit out that gum.

The spotlight's on you, so smile. When we reach critical mass and start to bend the laws of physics (s'possible, you know - Jurph's here and he ain't kidding around, and Dann's talking about the possibilities of the eleventh dimension), we'll get in touch.

I'm rambling. Point is: Thanks, y'all.