Kajaani, (Kajana in Swedish) the lovely metropol of ~37k inhabitants. Located in quite about the middle of Finland, in the district of Oulu, on the south eastern shore of Oulujärvi. Capital city of Kainuu.

Founded in 1651 by Pietari Brahe. Home of the largest military garrison in Finland, Kainuun Prikaati (~3k conscripts).

Kajaanin linna, a historical castle built in 1604-1619 and destroyed by the Russians in 1716. A teacher training college (a part of University of Oulu). Old city hall (C.L. Engel, 1831). Concert and congress center Kaukametsä (Sinikka Kouvo, Erkki Partanen, 1988). Wooden church (Jac. Ahrenberg, 1896). "Picture church" of Paltaniemi (Johan Knubb, 1726) - named according to the huge paintings on the walls inside the church. Orthodox church (Ilmari Ahonen, 1959).

http://www.kajaani.fi/ or #Kajaani on IRCnet