Track nine of The Fall's brilliant 1980 album Grotesque (After The Gramme). (Track thirteen on the Castle Communications re-issue)

This song is about drugs, but like many other songs by The Fall, it is more about the person you are when you are a drug taker, rather than the drugs themselves. The song itself starts off with a thin guitar sound and Mark sounding quiet and strained. It quickly brightens up to a cruisey laid back pseudo-swing tune, but keeps reverting back to the uneasiness of the opening bit.

There are excellent mental images present in this song; darkened hallways with shadowy characters, weary from hunger with only the speed to keep you going, being plagued by indecision. Seeing how this track follows on from the musicless W.M.C.-Blob '59 and is followed immediately after by The N.W.R.A. (a big, big, slice of the album), this shortish track may seem reasonably forgettable. It's definitely not a song that stands out, but it's one that will lodge in the back of your mind and make you think.

The name of this song was an option for myself and Keithy G McD's short-lived radio show, had it been scheduled on a Friday. We didn't go with it, as we didn't think those in charge of programming would want any overtly drug orientated shows. Not that ours was...


The people I like
The people I like live
The people I like live
in kitchens and halls.

I can't reach a decision on this.
Can I come back to you on this?
Hitler lost his nerve on it.
Dr. Morel prescribed it well
It's fast debts.

I am Robertson Speedo
and this is my Gramme Friday.
Skin drops slow to the bones

But I've got my hunger anyway.
I'm on Gramme Friday.
Work and eat spontaneous
Enter the house of weariness.
It's Fastnet

Look out
Look down
Look out
Look now
The hunger....
Friday .

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