"Our Products Protect Your Products"

I am constantly surprised at the sort of things this world deals up from time to time, and it came as a very pleasant surprise when some delightful packaging products came shipped to the office today in a box of manilla folders. The western world's love of packaged goods has reached a new zenith with 'Fill-Air' Inflatable Packaging. That's right, packaged air.

Fill-Air Inflatable Packaging is a product (and a registered trademark) of the Sealed Air Corporation. Slightly bigger than a 100g bag of crisps, the packages are see-through and filled about two-thirds full with air. Very durable, they survived the shipment of folders (which contains some moderately sharp corners) intact. I can sit on one without breaking it, and they are quite resilient to being squeezed. The seals and plastic material the bags are some sort of space age polymer I'm guessing (mind you, I still can't begin to comprehend games with graphics better than Half-Life or cars with on-board-computers).

The bags also have blue writing on them telling you about the 'Fill-Air' bags (ie. Safety warnings etc.) and information on how to contact the Sealed Air Corporation. There are three little pictures which I assume mean A). Not a floatation device, B). Not a toy, and C). Not a pillow. The only conceivable reason not to use one for a pillow is the air heats up quickly and it becomes slightly uncomfortable, but if you can stand it it is perfect of mid-day desk napping. With a t-shirt or something over it I imagine it would be even better. Also, after an hour of using if to supplant my chair cushions, stuffing it down my pants and shirt, throwing it around, and slamming it in doors, I can definitely say that it is a brilliant toy.

Don't (or do, but I accept no responsibilty) take my word for it, see for yourself:
www.sealedair.com (I'm not sure if that's correct, the writing's a little smudged)
Or call:
U.S. & Canada: 1-800-648-9093
Asia (FAX): (65) 8615221
Europe (FAX): (33) 1 34 64 02 50
Australia & New Zealand: 61 (02) 9550 7888

Patents are pending, so be quick if you want to steal the idea.