Corporate Genius.

Their primary (and most popular) packing product today is known as Air-fill, which are, quite simply:

Bags of Air

An international corporation whose primary business is selling air encased in plastic.

Genius, I tell you!

Truth be told, they do not actually sell the bags full of air. They make their money installing and maintaining systems they sell to companies, which crank out bags on demand. So wherever you order a product from, pop open a bag and get a good whiff of the air from that area.

Among other things, Sealed Air Corporation also owns and sells their trademark "Bubble-Wrap," low temperature sealing and storage systems.
They even have diagrams on their webpage, showing how their bubbles are superior to their competitors (triple layer polyurethane bubblewrap!)

Another one of those unheard-of-yet-all-over companies:
  • The bag rolls in supermarkets
  • Bubble-Wrap
  • Vaccum sealed bags
  • The foam trays your meat products come in
  • Those pads in the bottom of meat trays
  • Meat case liner
  • The packages hot dogs and stuff come sealed in
  • Tubs that yogurt/butter/ice cream are sold in
  • Systems that rip the oxygen out of packages
  • Pet food packing systems
  • Cool security bags

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