To: Captain Rleplish Wirrious Kirk
Re: The Continuation of Anal Probing

This letter is to inform you that a decision has been made regarding the practice of anal probing. After extensive deliberation this committee has come to the conclusion that no more can be learned by anally probing the newly encountered bipedal organisms of the blue planet. We are not in any way dismissing the vast bank of knowledge the technique has acquired for us in our study of them; however analysis of the more recent probings has failed to teach us anything new. As of now anal probing is to be put on hiatus until such time it is again deemed necessary. That is not to say our study of the new organisms is complete. We fully expect you and your ship to continue your examinations. New and exciting probes have been officially commissioned to examine their bodies in greater detail through other orifices. Training in these new probes will commence in two standard planet rotations in the medical hall. We thank you for your participation.

Yarvit Zupooro
Head of the Probing Committee