Yesterday, I decided to ask as many people as I could, what the most outrageous thing you've ever heard or seen was. I got many different responses. Most people said they they have heard or seen something strange, but they couldn't remember it.

One of my managers at work told me a story he heard about Michaelangelo. He said when Michaelangelo was painting the last supper he needed models for the faces. He employed many different models for the faces, but the two faces he had the hardest time with is Jesus and Judas. After looking for awhile he finally found the perfect face for Jesus. Mike still had a hard time finding the face of Judas. It wasn't until a couple years later, he went to a prison, hoping to find the face of Judas. He found an inmate in one of the dark prison cells who fit perfectly. "That's the one" he said. The inmate looked at him wide-eyed, "Don't you remember me?" The inmate in the prison cell was the same guy he had used for the face of Jesus.

Another story I heard was from a police officer. She told me that she was in a vehicle pursuit with a couple other officers when the vehicle in pursuit hit a light pole. When the walked up to the car they found that the suspect's head was hanging out the window. He had been decapitated.

I hope to get more of these stories. It is cool to hear something weird. Most of the things we hear though become Urban Myths. Like the one about the crazy old lady, who decided that the microwave would be the best place to dry her wet cat. Sometimes all you have to do is look in the newspaper. Like the story about the crazy president who wanted to wage war against a far east tyrant. I love that one.