Easy for you to say!

I was just reading the above WU. Worry has plagued my mind these past few days. But it's more then just worry, it's excitement and nervousness, all at once. I'm preparing myself to ask a girl on a date for the first time ever.

Yes, that's right folks. I have never asked a girl out before. I have talked about this girl in previous journals before. She is that kind of girl every guy looks at and when she looks back, a wave of numbness surges throughout you entire body. She is the kind of girl that you could stare into her eyes for eternity and never get tired.

I was going to call her tonight (Monday, CST), but I found out she has school. I have to call her tomorrow. I'm not even sure if she will say yes. That's part of why I'm worried. She appears to have feelings for me, but I can't really tell. It's kind of a gamble I have to take.

I would gladly welcome encouragement and maybe even some reality checks, just to give me peace of mind.


I worked all day today. I helped elderly people put groceries in their car, cleaned poop off the toilet seats in the restrooms and my cheeks still hurt from smiling all day. Today was just your average boring day. Except, I did want to beat the crap out of one of the trash-talking newbies.