Crap dude, I forgot, at least you were thinking about it at the time. Send Ashley an e-mail, and go ahead and make some nachos or eggs for yourself. Find out what breña is. Be happy, the sun is almost shining. Remember to Breathe; don't take the air for granted. Love everyone and everything, that is the road to wisdom. Believe in the truth, not the falsehoods. Begin to show some spirit in your life. The dreams mean something. Don't forget about them. Everything is important, nothing in pointless. The tears are symbolic and unattainable. What do tears mean to you? The pizza, that is also something to remember. And the bed, the apartment, the sheets, the warmth of her stomach versus the ice of your hand. Put some life into your cold form. Get richer spiritually and materialistically. BREATHE.

San Yaht Tii,