Last night a powerful dream -

Bright sunlight awakened me from a restful sleep. Like I do most mornings, I walk to the living room and look out over the valley and mountians to check on the weather and compare the yearly advance of the sun.

What awaited me was astonishing and beautiful. From the east to the west, set against the crystal clear backdrop of the mountains, eleven new world trade centers! They were full size replicas, eleven sets of twin towers golden and silver in the warm morning sun. Twin towers over the arroyo seco, over The Five, over Pasadena, Glendale, Burbank. It was a kind of miracle. From the towers, improbable given the scale and distance, I could see smiling people waving from the windows, waving white sheafs of paper.

"Everyone, come here! Come see this! It's wonderful! Somebody has done something wonderful!" I was shouting to the house, to the neighborhood, to everyone.

Why eleven sets of towers? I don't know. The attacks occurred on the eleventh. The towers themselves form an "11" when viewed as text characters.

It was wonderful. Then I woke up to the western counterattack.