Allow me to look back at the big events of 2001, if I may.

January started off with me living in sunny Concord, CA working on Slackware full time. We all knew the company didn't have much longer to live so it was basically just waiting for the shoe to drop and for us to all lose our jobs. That had been going on for a few months and actually went on until about March. It was tough going every day not knowing if you were going to have a job next week or not. Hard to make long-term plans that way.

March was when BSDi tanked and we got bought up by Wind River, makers of embedded BSD. Whee. They didn't want anything to do with Linux so we were out on the street as far as a job was concerned. Note that losing a job does not mean the rent on the $1400/mo. apartment stops being due. For a while, we struggled with finding a new home for Slackware. There were no takers so we had no choice but to do it ourselves. Unfortunately, this meant there wasn't going to be enough money to pay us all. But we were welcome to get other jobs and still work on Slackware. We all said a collective, "Thanks but no thanks".

April, May, June: Logan moves out of the three bedroom place we had in Concord. He got a new job in Fremont and moved into a big tower in Walnut Creek. It was just down to David and me in the Concord apartment. Over a delicious meal at Taco Bell (hey, we were jobless) we decided to get the hell out of California while we still had a few dollars. So it was decided we would move back to Georgia and either gets jobs or go back to school. We moved out in June and tossed our junk into David's parents' garage. Also in one of these months, Allison decided it would be a good time to break up again. I would not find out why until later...

July was spent first looking for jobs and apartments suitable for living in when you have a good job. There were no jobs. So we stopped looking around for such apartments. Since there were no jobs, David and I both decided to go back to school. This was a good idea. We went and begged and pleaded until they said we could get back in. We found two other people and rented a house in Home Park so we could be close to school.

September or October was when I learned what the deal with Allison was. She had found someone else and was now confused about what she really wanted. I would spend the next several months in some sort of relationship void. It was not a fun time, and I do not recommend it to anyone. In the meantime, I kicked ass at school.

December brings us up to the present. I finished up the term and ended up with three As and one B. That's by far my best semester ever at Tech. I turned 22 with little fanfare since I was stuck at my mom's house in Charlotte, NC (though I did spend some time with a friend that night). Holidays happened. I came back to Atlanta where Allison told me that no, things were not going to work out between us. Thus ends my on again, off again relationship with her since my junior year in high school.

So the year had some high points and some low points. I lost my job and my girlfriend. I got back into school, had awesome grades, and spent a lot more time around my Atlanta friends who I missed very much while in California. I'm hoping that the next year will work out much better relationshipwise.