On this Thanksgiving Day of the new millenium I sat and pondered just exactly what we the people really are, this is the conclusion that I came to.

We the people are a force so strong that if compiled we are undefeatable.

We the people are the very backbone of our govenment and economy.

It is the people that have the power to change our society and better our world. Yet our own ignorance and hatred toward one another is the only obstacle in our path.

We divide and hate each other because people are different or we do not understand them. We seperate color, sex, ethnicity, the good and the bad. We tell our selves to stick with our own when in reality we are seperating our own.

For we are all people different and unique in our own ways, and it is only those of us who somehow for whatever reason reach outside of our own that see this.

Fear and ignorance of each other will continue to seperate us unless we open our eyes to the truth.

We the people I hope will oneday truly be people and not pupets.