Wow. I learned a lot yesterday. Thankyou everyone who helped me out. Some people have said some nice things. Some less so. I will be back tomorrow though. I think I like everything2. The advice and encouragement I've been given really cheered me up. As you can tell, I can now link. I can also pipelink and format things using HTML.


I mentioned in the Chatterbox yesterday that I'm looking for work right now. It's hard. I graduated a few months ago with an Electrical Engineering degree. Since then I've had absolutely no luck finding anything decent. For a few weeks I was working in McDonald's! I quit that though (dull dull dull) and so I continue to obsessively scour the papers and even newsagents' windows.

Today is another day. Colder than yesteday; very chilly. My fingers feel cold and quite stiff as I type this. I hate the cold. It is winter here in London, which also means it's hard to get out of bed in the morning.

Today I saw an oil rainbow in a puddle on the street. The first one I've seen for many years. It was beautiful. I also saw a Vending Machine with nothing in it apart from a single packet of salt and vinegar flavoured Crisps]. Sort of lonely and sad. I nearly brought the crisps out of pity, but I don't like the flavour.

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